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November 20, 2014

Galicia, a yachtsman's paradise

  • Galicia, a yachtsman's paradise  - Imagen

Many yachtsmen appear to use Galicia as a 'stepping stone' on their way to other destination but fail to discover the real Galicia which is a wonderful place in itself and deserves to be explored at a leisurely pace.

Galicia really is a "yachtsman's dream' as they say but only if you explore it properly. In our opinion one has to make an effort to get to know the warm, friendly, generous and kind people who are proud of their culture, land anda traditions, learn to speak some of their language and diner in the local restaurants away from the 'tourist trail'. You will then find that their traditional cooking handed down from generation to generation, is as good as anywhere in the world and their fish dishes are the best.

It is said that the Lord made the world in six days and on the seventh he rested with his hand placed on Galicia, his fingers representing the Rias Baixas. These rías or estuaries run from the coast deep into the hinterlnad and with their ever-changing vista of mountains, forest anda beaches, the legend is easy to believe.

The coasts are dotted with picturesque fishing villages, beaches, quiet anchorages and now splendid marinas with their helpful and friendly mariners. Each town has its own character and Saints Day festival which they celebrate enthusiastically and loudly with fireworks, dancing, processions and music.

The prolific and tasteful use of granite is most impressive as seen in many monuments, churches, religious crosses or cruceiros and hórreos.

Yes, Galicia is indeed a 'yachtsman's paradise' and should be treated as such or you will miss a very special part of the world and its rightly proud and friendly people. 


Joe Woodward, owner of the yacht "Moshulu III". Irish Property and Fine Art Dealer. RCYC Irish Cruising Club